Tuolumne 8/31-9/3 Trip Report

Fall has come to the mountains.  The afternoon thundershowers of last month are gone. The days are clear, bright and warm.  The nights chilly. (Ice formed  in Lea's Camel back left out on the bear box.)  The trip was a great success, with the unusual feature of a rotating cast of climbers.  Some people came up early and climbed Fri and Saturday, some climbed Saturday and Sunday then beat the traffic by going home. And a few climbed Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Dozier Dome was again popular, as was Stately Pleasure Dome, and a few ventured onto the thin faces of the South Flank of Daff (such as Hogwash, 10c.)  Campfires were great with important conversations about safety, as well as general conversations about life.


Also, Leah took a fall on Pennyroyal Arches and dislocated a finger.  I snow/ice climbed with a guide on the left (#1) couloir on North Peak (about 50 degrees).  The top third was mostly melted out so we rapped at the top of the snow/ice, 3 pitches total.