Lone Pine

Lake Tahoe
Echo Lake
Flagpole Peak

First ascent: Paul Minault and Mark Murthy, September 30, 2001

This route is on the southeast side of Flagpole Peak.

Approach: Starting at Echo Lake, take the PCT past the Echo Edge formation and then diagonal uphill, staying below and to the right of Bat Wall. At the edge of the escarpment overlooking the Tahoe basin and a muddy lake below, descend slightly and traverse northward around a buttress of rock. Immediately around this buttress is a 200-foot wide, broken slabby area above a small stand of large red firs.

Route Description: The route follows the arching dihedral on the left side of the slabs, above which stands a single, medium-sized pine tree on the skyline. Follow the arching formation for three pitches (5.7). The third pitch has some runout sections on low angle slabs. Pro to 3".

Descent: Walk off to the southeast, following the descent for Flagpole Peak.