Lover's Leap

Lover's Leap June 11-12

We had a great mix of new folks, old timers, rope guns, and hang doggers at the Leap trip!
Kelly and Vicki did Psychedelic Tree 5.9 and Bears Reach 5.7. Chicago rope gun Nick onsited Power Lust 11a, Kathy took Martin on his first multi-pitch trad routes, Michael and I did April Fools 5.9 with the Anesthesia 5.8 approach pitch. 

Leap Trip Report June 9-10

For Real CrackWe had a good turnout at the Leap, with 14 people.  Conditions were great, with familiar route names on the tick list.  The planets were cruel to the Pauls, however.  Paul Stucky forgot to bring his warm clothes, and he and Mark I had to turn around in Placerville and go back to Paul's place in Davis to get the stuff.  On the up side, they got to explore a new 5.9 route on Dear John Buttress that's shown in Supertopo.  I forgot my tent poles and only averted marital meltdown by pressing into service one of the backbacking tents I brought to secure sites--otherwise I might still be up there today!

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