Tuolumne Mdws/Tioga Pass Trip Report

Group at Dozier DomeThe CCC had two related trips this past week. We started with a weekend in Tuolumne Meadows, with a group campsite.  For a weekend in Tuolumne at the height of its season, we had light attendance, only 12 people. The weather was perfect and people ran off to do many of the "normal" routes on Stately Pleasure and Pywiak, plus an ambitious few attempted long routes like Mathes Crest.

On Sunday, afternoon thundershowers began to pop up.  This drove some people off, while others as planned went home after the weekend.  A hearty few moved to Junction campground for the week.  The fun continued with climbing in the mornings, typically, on short routes (1-3 pitches) to allow escape before the lightning shows in the afternoon.  Some people left early in the week and others came up.  By my count, 15 or 16 people were around for some part of the week, with some leaving making room for the next wave on the second weekend.

Lea on top of DozierAll in all, even with the rain, a good time was had by those lucky enough to get up to the high mountains.  Same time next year!