Valley Trip Report 4/27-28

Sean and Aaron

Ah, to be in the Valley in late April under sunny skies with the Dogwoods a-bloom and the waterfalls a-pounding.

Our first official trip of the season was not only a numbers success but a success in many less tangible ways.  We had a perfectly full compliment of climbers, 24.  Since we only had four sights with 6 people per site we were a happy double dozen, or perhaps a full round since at 15 dollars per person times 24 souls we came to $360 - one dollar for each degree of the unit circle.  And then Dan and Liz hovered over the proceedings from a site of their own.  Happy birthday to Dan who has been celebrating up in the Valley for a couple of decades.  Dan and Liz did their usual Mountain Room feast on Friday, Dan's actual day of nativity (time-shifted 61 years).  And happy birthday to Wes of Wagnon fame who sadly was not able to make the trip due to some juris-imprudence most likely.


Aaron, Kathryn (whom you may know as Katie, but never Kathy), and Sean got in early on Friday and did a new climb called Dream Easy between Reeds Direct and Lunatic Fringe.  Nice.  Aaron led all, and all were happy he led.  The Big A, Dan Z. and Uncle Seany braved tremendous rock fall on the apron the following day. "It was like following Odin's gravel truck." said a ranger through a megaphone from a safe distance. One rock even perched on Sean's helmet. Dan has photographic evidence should it be needed.  Sean and Dan agreed to more than agree that they were mutually out of shape.

On Sunday Marco, way out on the edge of sanity, floated up Lunatic Fringe.  Bravo Marco.  Aaron likewise floated up on TR after him.  Ana, Ramsel and Antoine also did LF and that beautiful looking, well-named but pumpy climb Stone Groove.  It was great to see these four on the trip.  Please come back for more.  Also welcome to Darren and Alex and Steven (I think) and the many others on the trip, although I don't know what they climbed.
Sabine and Susana, and separately Maureen, hiked up to the top of Nevada Falls via the JMT.  Paul and Sam did the first two of CSC and then finished up in one of Paul's unusual lines on Saturday.  The gang of four mentioned above did Central Pillar of Frenzy on Sat.  Leslie and her gang did something on Man. P. Butt (aka Ranger Rock) on Sat. and the Apron on Sun. A shout out to the irrepressible Auntie Leslie for her leadership in the onerous role of "campsite getter.", and also for her recruiting efforts.  Love that personal touch Leslie.  That's what it takes.
There are sure to be many tales of daring do that I have no knowledge of but thanks everyone for coming out and making it a great start to the season.
Bonus question:  What is the arctan of 45 degrees?
A free portaledge to the first 24 correct answers.
Sean W